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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) visited USC to offer LBSA members insight into the consulting industry and the firm's specific diversity and inclusion goals. This professional event marked the first and only time BCG presented on the USC campus. 

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The LBSA hosted an incredible event with Ernst . & Young, one of the "Big Four" accounting firms. The main campus recruiter, recruitment staff, various analysts, and students with past EY internships presented about the different career paths within EY. They also walked through their recruitment process. 

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Oracle concluded this semester's series of professional events with an informative presentation on the do's and don't of campus recruitment. Oracle also concluded the event with insight into the company's open full time and internship positions. 



Union Bank offered a resume workshop. LBSA members had the opportunity to sit down and have a one-on-one resume critique with Union Bank recruiters and representatives. Union Bank also shared internship opportunities and discussed career paths within the firm. 

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Deutsch Marketing Agency hosted a tour of their LA office for our LBSA members. From secret doors, themed rooms, and plenty of coffee, LBSA members were exposed to one of the leading marketing firms in the United States. 

Rooftop Social 

The LBSA hosts a series of social events to encourage members to connect with each other and strengthen our community at USC. The Rooftop Social included pizza, games, and an unbelievable view of  DTLA! 

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During an exciting aerospace event, LBSA members had the opportunity to meet industry leaders for the span of a weekend.  LBSA members met astronauts, engineers,  and entrepreneurs, such as the CEO of Virgin Galactic, George T. Whitesides (second from the right). 


Google representatives offered a comprehensive overview of non-tech careers within Google. USC alumni who currently work at Google offered invaluable advice about the recruitment process at USC.  


Bloomberg kicked off our LBSA semester with an in-depth walkthrough of their main software product: The Bloomberg Terminal. A USC alum also shared his experienced transitioning from college to his job at Bloomberg. 

Los Angeles Diversity

Career Conference

This conference connected underrepresented Business, STEM, and Pre-Med students to three key components: 1. Proven professional development programs with established track records, 2. Underrepresented professionals whose career paths began at similar starting points, and 3. Roadmaps to competitive internships and research opportunities for Summer 2019.


Google invited LBSA members to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the Google office in Venice, CA. This cross-tech networking mixer was a great opportunity to meet members of Latinx Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) across different industries. 

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