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LBSA was relaunched in 2019 in order to fill the overwhelming need for a Latino business centric organization at USC. With tremendous potential for growth, LBSA seeks to establish itself not only as the premier organization within the USC business community, but also as a thriving community for the diverse population in campus.


The Latino Business Student Association is one the largest and most active pre-professional business organizations in California. It was founded at the University of Southern California in the fall of 1978 to develop the young men and women into the leaders of tomorrow through professional exposure, community involvement, and social interaction.



As an organization dedicated to the professional development of our members, the LBSA has planned various events throughout the semester, including workshops, speakers, panels, networking opportunities, and social events.


The LBSA Mentorship Program is structured to help members navigate their professional, academic and personal endeavors. This program builds a robust learning relationship between an experienced professional and an ambitious student who wishes to be someday in that individual's position.


Various LBSA Scholarships are available for LBSA members throughout the year. LBSA also informs its members of non-LBSA scholarships available on and off campus.  

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